Special Needs Ministry

We welcome people of all abilities at Coon Rapids United Methodist Church!

The purpose of our Special Needs Ministry is to provide care for children of all ages with diagnosed and undiagnosed needs, allowing both the child and parents/guardians to attend church and know Jesus. Our focus is on inclusion. We strive to welcome each child to the children’s program corresponding to their peer age group, helping them to learn and grow in Christ. With trained support, we partner with parents to accommodate each child for both the Education Hour and the Worship Hour. We have trained Special Needs Ministry Assistants overseeing the inclusive settings along with trained Special Needs Volunteers who will come side-by-side any child so they may participate and enjoy God and others to their fullest potential.



Some children can feel overwhelmed in inclusive settings. And some children struggle with transitions. If a child needs to calm, reduce their distractions, leave a classroom to regulate, or needs help with a transition, they have access to a safe space that we call, “The Den.” In “The Den,” we have a trained staff person who will welcome your child. The Den is equipped with sensory tools and will offer a quiet environment with the side by side support of a loving Special Needs Ministry Assistant. The love of Jesus will continue to be shared in this room!

Have questions?

Reach out to Ann McMahon

Special Needs Ministry Director

& Church Administrator